H&G Industries International, Inc., has been a producer of precision meter, mix, dispense, and cartridge filling equipment since 1978. At H&G Industries we are proud of our earned reputation for innovation and our quality equipment with lifespans of over 15 years. Our equipment is built with pride, craftsmanship and quality components. For H&G customers, this means long term dependability and continued personalized support.

H&G systems are used worldwide. Our units are used in the structural glazing/curtainwall, insulating glass, automotive, and electrical industries around the world. We are specialists in our field and have been key players in international projects such as designing specialty systems for repairing the locks in the Panama Canal, working with the shuttle and rocket programs, and sealing fuel tanks for the aircraft industry to name a few.

H&G Industries is highly responsive to every customer’s needs. We offer complete technical support, provide on site training and service, and fast turnaround for replacement parts. In the following pages you will find a complete listing of our standard products and services. Please contact H&G for your custom applications, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to hearing from you.